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Ludhiana, Punjab, India
I'm a speed skater from Ludhiana. My speed skating coach is My Dad, a very hardworking and successful man who have a passion of seeing me as a popular celebrity. He tries to make awareness about this unique game among everybody Dad.........zindabaad!

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banked track

banked track
by saurabh

namwon 2010

namwon 2010

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Perfect combinations; (Inline speed skates)
On road:-
L- 1.Streetfighter, 2.MPC Black track, 3.Atom Fly cross over, 4.MPC Road war.
R- 1.MPC Road war, 2.MPC Black track, 3.Atom Fly cross over, 4.Streetfighter.

On banked Track:-
All Wheels either MPC Road war or Atom Fly cross over…

Kota Stone:-
1st and last wheels Streetfighter and Middle wheels MPC blacktrack

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