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I'm a speed skater from Ludhiana. My speed skating coach is My Dad, a very hardworking and successful man who have a passion of seeing me as a popular celebrity. He tries to make awareness about this unique game among everybody Dad.........zindabaad!

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banked track

banked track
by saurabh

namwon 2010

namwon 2010

Friday, June 25, 2010

What is Speed Skating?

Hi Everyone,
Now I’m going to tell you about Speed Skating.
Speed Skating is a passionable Sport. It enhances our physical and mental growth. Skating is easy but not same for speed skating. A lot of practice is needed to do speed skating. A child must be fully determined to achieve success in this sport. Inline speed skating is quite difficult than quad Skating.
In inline speed skating many techniques are used. The basic technique is A SINGULAR PUSH. It is just a single push. The other main speedy Technique is THE DOUBLE PUSH. In this type of a skater get the push from both of the skates. In just a single push skater gets a power of two pushes that’s the reason it is called a double push. I took just one month to learn this technique but many skaters think that this is a job of about 3 years. This is Speed Skating. It is done on 200m banked track, on 400m road track and if 400m road track is not available than it is performed on a 500m road. Thanx for reading my article, if any mistakes send me e-mail at

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